Brand Essence

Brand Essence is more than just another marketing formula applied to every client – instead, it describes the essence of my naturally intuitive creative process

Brand essence - intuitive visionary marketing by Stimulus Creative

What is Brand Essence and how I work

Support for your business through a co-creative experience in these areas:

  • Creative business concepts
  • Branding and marketing vision and strategy
  • Communications ideas and planning
  • Art direction
  • Business coaching

… all with a unique creative edge and practical application founded on a personally authentic and enjoyable way of doing business.

Some examples of what that actually means:

  • I envision niece and novel business ideas to create new openings in existing markets. I receive ideas as an intuitive creative vision. The finer details and strategy of how it will work unfold from there.
  • I help you capture and express your core values, benefits and main points of difference
  • I work with a holistic approach, supporting you to work from a balanced lifestyle. I encourage my clients to consider how they can bring more joy into how they do business. This will help your business grow because you will have a more flowing and powerful energy to draw on. If what you do brings you joy, it will bring joy to others – a heart-centred recipe for success!

The core values I work from

Just like other important areas of life, I believe doing business should bring you joy. And, in some way make a positive difference in people’s lives.

So, does it always have to feel like hard work? Are you sick of the daily-grind experience?

Only focusing on the numbers and just trying to get through the week drains our energy. Doing business can end up taking too much time away from our family and friends – and from the time we need for ourselves to maintain our balance. But how can we avoid this, how can this be different?

I’m talking about a shift in consciousness, opening to joy, flow and intuition as part of how you work. An important measure for me is how much energy do I have left at the end of the day to play with son’s and connect with my partner? When I still have space for them I know I have been ‘in the flow’ through my day.

I believe it is important to integrate how we do business with all aspects of life, and with our core values. If your business is founded on something that you love, something that has deeper meaning and value to you, something that allows to make a difference in the world (big or small), something that really supports you to be you – then you will have more energy to draw on when creating and running your business.

If you have never set the time aside to sit down and identify what your core values are then I can support you with that process.

The process:

  1. Define and agree upon the questions and focus for the consultati on. Please feel free to edit and
    make new suggestions.
  2. A two-hour consultation to dive deeply into the focus questions.
  3. Evaluate and refine ideas from the consultation.
  4. A one-hour meeting to advise on how best to deliver the desired outcomes, present creative ideas and a way forward.
  5. Provide a quote for the work discussed as required.
  6. Create and launch into the world!

Business aspects also typically cover in a Brand Essence consultation:

  • Define your ideal audience
  • Basic research of your industry and your competitors to make sure you are creating a unique brand with a worthwhile Point of Difference
  • What are the concepts behind you brand identity and logo design?
  • What look and feel should your brand and logo design convey?
  • How to match concepts, values, look and feel to other imagery and a brand voice that forms your copywriting?
  • What are the keywords and phrases to use in tag lines, copywriting and web content that will instantly grab the attention of people looking for what you offer?
  • A creative for your website that turns it into an effective promotional and sales tool
  • How to best promote your business and what are the right marketing channels to use to get the best results? Considering a wide range of media such as SEO, google adwords, social media, editorial articles etc
  • Creative ideas for direct marketing


If you would like to know more get in touch today! To view some of the work I have done for my clients click here.