Design Process

Getting Acquainted

I start by getting to the real heart of what you want to create. Listening to you and your story, understanding your goals and dreams and how you make a difference through your offering. Building a professional, fun and supportive working relationship is the way we like to work – it creates a foundation that makes magic possible!

Assess and Research

Once I understand your wants and needs, we research your market to assess any competition. I also look at your ideal positioning – regardless of whether you are a startup business, rebranding, or undertaking on-going brand development, I strive to ensure your market presence is appropriate and effective. I look to establish an overall vision and plan for how we can best help you achieve your desired results – not just by building a website or designing a logo, but taking real interest in the bigger picture of where you want to go.

When it comes to creating visual concepts, I like to work in a way that supports people to be them selves and to feel what needs to be expressed to make the right emotional connection. Creating a concept with an authentic heart to it is always a recipe for success. From this foundation you can have an important role to play in the creation and co-creation of your design.

Formulating a Brief

Compiling all the information we have learned from step one and two, a clear and solid brief provides direction and guides decisions throughout the design process. This is the point where we check in with you, making sure we are on the same page before really getting into the exciting part.


This is where you will start to see the creative vision of your brief come to life! I stay in regular communication with you throughout the design process, always checking in that our work is on the right track. I have a real knack for presenting a concept you will love from the early stages. This means there is more time available to develop a strong concept for the finished result.


Usually one concept is a clear standout, clearly expressing the right look and feel but just needing to become more of itself. I take pride in developing beautiful, memorable and high quality work. Working towards an end result that you will be truly excited about.

Refine and Finish

Just a slight adjustment to the shade or tone of a colour; giving more space to the font kerning; adding a bit of an angle for a more dynamic look; or simplifying, or taking away an element to create the perfect balance. I really pay attention to the details, delivering fantastic results that are professionally drawn and ready for any kind of manufacture or implementation.

Into the world!

Launch, print, publish, send, manufacture…I can help you in all manner of ways to advertise, promote and communicate your message to the world.


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